Advantages of unique BOVERI products
  • 一、Advanced technology
    Cooperation with the BROWN BOVERI from UK,the BROWN BOVERI provides reactive compensation and power quality products for nearly 30 years.The technology of this company
  • 二、Modular products realize the concept of component type.It will be easier to design and can also be applied in combination with other cabinets.
    1、As for a Electric Appliance Factory,it can design and produce the cabinet of Switchgear Assemblies independently.
    2、As for the designer,it guarantees the appearance consistency of the entire low voltage distribution system after combination.The exterior of the whole system will be more tidy.
  • 三、Modular design simplifies the maintenance of products.
    1、Each module has all functions so that it can run independently.
    2、Any module problems will not influence other modules running.Only have to replace the damaged module.
  • 四、Modular products can satisfies various capacity requirements.
    1、25A、35A、50A、60A、100A——APF Free parallel connection.
    2、30kvar、50kvar、100kvar——SVG Free parallel connection.
    3、500A、1000A、2000A——Free cabinet combination connecting
  • 五、Modular products make it more convenient for after-sales service.
  • 六、Modular product design makes contributions to standardized production and ensure the quality and reliability of the products .
    1、Products with modularization as design concept can adopt uniform standards in manufacturing.The production of operating simple assembly line is helpful to control the quality in the process of manufacturing.
    2、Unified modular design avoids system failure due to compatibility issues.
    3、Standardized production shortens production cycle.It is propitious to realize batch supply in short time.standard assembly reduces the difficulty of quality management in artificial assembly process.
  • product center
    BOVERI Electric (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.continued to focus on power quality control related to the production of electronic products and research and development.
    The main products include BVAR series of reactive power compensation complete sets of equipment and related core components, BVU series static var generator, active power filter, three-phase unbalance regulating device.
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  • BOVERI Electric (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.
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